Calendar Events
January 2023
01-01-2023Club Ride at Three Springs  (Show)
01-04-2023January Club meeting  (Show)
01-06-2023Blood Drive January 6th 2023  (Show)
01-07-2023 - 01-08-2023SXCS Hangover Trail Ride and Hare Scramble  (Show)
01-22-20232023 PVR Swap Meet and Bike Show  (Show)
February 2023
02-10-2023 - 02-12-2023Baltimore's Timonium International Motorcycle Show  (Show)
02-18-2023 - 02-19-2023Motorama 2023  (Show)
02-19-2023GMER Club meeting  (Show)
02-25-2023Canceled - Club Ride at Three Springs  (Show)
March 2023
03-11-2023RESCHEDULED - R&T Adopt-a-Road Work Day  (Show)
03-26-2023Stop the Bleed Training  (Show)
April 2023
04-01-2023Work & Ride day at Barton  (Show)
04-08-2023Work and Ride Day at Dogtown  (Show)
04-15-2023R&T Ride Day at Barton  (Show)
04-22-2023Canceled - R&T Ride Day at Monty's   (Show)
May 2023
05-06-2023R&T Ride day at Barton  (Show)
05-06-2023 - 05-07-2023Work Day at Three Springs  (Show)
05-07-20232023 Greenridge Dual Sport / Adv ride  (Show)
05-07-2023WATR Spring Trail Ride  (Show)
05-13-2023White Rose Motorcycle Club Spring Trail Ride  (Show)
05-13-2023R&T Adopt-a-Road Work Day  (Show)
05-20-2023R&T Ride Day at Monty's  (Show)
05-27-2023To be rescheduled - R&T Ride day at Dogtown  (Show)
05-27-2023 - 05-28-2023Three Springs work and ride day  (Show)
June 2023
06-02-2023 - 06-04-2023Shade Mountain Weekend Trip  (Show)
06-03-2023 - 06-04-20232023 GMER Broken Anvil Hare Scramble  (Show)
06-07-2023Club meeting reminder!  (Show)
06-10-2023R&T Work and Ride day at Dogtown  (Show)
06-24-2023CANCELED: R&T Ride day at Barton  (Show)
July 2023
07-08-2023R&T Ride Day at Monty's  (Show)
07-08-2023Road Ride to EMMR  (Show)
07-14-2023Road Ride to Frederick Rehab  (Show)
07-15-2023 - 07-16-2023Work and Ride day at Three Springs  (Show)
07-21-2023 - 07-23-2023AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days 2023  (Show)
07-22-2023R&T Work and Ride day at Dogtown  (Show)
August 2023
08-06-20232023 GMER Three Springs Enduro  (Show)
08-12-2023Work Day at Dogtown  (Show)
08-26-2023 - 08-27-2023Work & Ride Weekend at Dogtown  (Show)
September 2023
09-02-2023Moto Motion Freestyle Live  (Show)
09-09-2023 - 09-10-202313th Annual R&T Ride for Kids Charity Ride  (Show)
09-15-2023 - 09-17-20232WR ADV Camp and Ride  (Show)
09-16-2023R&T Adopt-a-Road Work Day  (Show)
09-23-2023Club Ride Day at Barton's  (Show)
October 2023
10-01-2023Club Ride at Monty's  (Show)
10-07-2023 - 10-08-2023Shenandoah 500  (Show)
10-08-2023RORR Dual Sport  (Show)
10-14-2023White Rose Motorcycle Club Fall Trail Ride  (Show)
10-14-2023Canceled - Ride Day at Barton  (Show)
10-15-2023Green Ridge Moto-Adventure  (Show)
November 2023
11-04-2023 - 11-05-2023Hammer Run Dual Sport Ride!  (Show)
11-10-2023Veterans Day Road Ride  (Show)
11-11-2023Club Ride Day at Dogtown  (Show)
11-26-2023WATR Fall Trail Ride  (Show)
December 2023
12-03-2023DVTR Dirty Santa Toy Run 2023  (Show)
12-06-2023December Club meeting  (Show)
12-09-2023R&T Adopt-a-Road Work Day  (Show)
12-09-2023R&T Christmas Party  (Show)
January 2024
01-07-2024SXCS Hangover Hare Scramble  (Show)
01-13-2024 - 01-14-2024The Rooster Run at Broxton Bridge  (Show)
July 2093
07-04-2093The Barbara Fritchie Classic  (Show)