2018 R&T Christmas Party

The 2018 Christmas Party was held December 1st at the Morningside Inn. We had a sell out this year with 70 guests in attendance. Several awards were given out, the gift exchange was a hoot, and dinner was fantastic. Many thanks to all who attended.

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  R&T Fall Hatfield/McCoy Ride

About 12 R&T members went to Hatfield November 1st to the 4th. There was lots of riding and some crashes. Kevin Diamond came home with a chicken wing and a sore rump. Another epic adventure to Hatfield!! Joe Winovich had severe hangovers as well.

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  R&T Fall Adopt-a-Road

The fall season Adopt-a-Road was held November 3rd. 10 club members attended and the work day was completed in about an hour. The R&T Adopt-a-Road program is in it's 14th year, and is the number one Adopt-a-Road team in Frederick County! Many Thanks to all our club members who participate.

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  RORR Dual Sport 2018

The club had a great turn-out of 16 riders attend this years RORR Dual Sport on October 21st. The weather conditions were cool, only getting up to around 45, but sunny. The trail conditions were wet and muddy from an overnight soaker, and 7 months of record rains. The event was great, especially the afternoon loop.

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  Boyer Farm Work and Ride day

We had a good turn out of club members come out to Boyer Farm October 13th. Mark and Linas did all the earth work with the mega tiller and box blade, and we had 3 teams cleaning up ribbon and stakes. Many thanks to all who came out. 14 club members attended. Everything was done in 6 hours.

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  R&T Fall Club Ride at Barton

The club had a good turn-out of riders out to Barton on October 6th. Weather conditions were perfect with bright sun and low 80's. Trail conditions by the second loop were outstanding. 18 club members attended over Friday and Saturday.

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  2018 R&T Club Picnic

The annual club picnic was held September 30th at our new venue, the Mountainside Bar-T-Camp. Weather was perfect, and we had a ton of food, including some great flank steaks, big chickens, and a ton of fancy side dishes. 54 club members and guests attended.

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  September Club Grounds Ride Day

There was a large turn-out on September 29th at the club grounds. About 25 members attended. Weather conditions were fantastic. The trails were muddy and some areas were flooded, but overall a very fun ride day. Paul and Laura cooked us up a great lunch. Many members stayed until very late in the day.

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  2018 Ride for Kids Road Ride and Rally

The 2018 Ride for Kids road ride and rally was held September 23rd. Due to heavy rain, the turn-out was low, with only about 30 riders in attendance. Jay, Chris, and Pete Tsak attended from R&T. Mike Courbon presented the R&T donation from the Charity Ride at the rally. Riding conditions were poor with heavy rain all day, and many areas of standing water.

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  2018 R&T Charity Trail Ride

The 9th annual R&T Charity Trail Ride was held September 8th and 9th. Weather conditions were wet and soggy all weekend, with a total wash-out on Sunday, however we did get 130 riders signed up on Saturday, and some substantial donations. The club also had a great dinner, and lots of fun watching the trucks and campers being towed out of the mud. Many Thanks to all who attended! Special THANKS to our hosts, the Boyer's.

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  Boyer Farm Work Weekend

The club had a great turn-out of members come out to Boyer Farm to prepare for this year's Charity Trail Ride on September 1st and 2nd. A huge amount of trail work was done, and lots of mowing. The trails are looking good for the event. MANY THANKS to all who helped out the past two weekend.

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  Boyer Farm Work Day

We had a great team out to Boyer Farm August 26th to clear the A-loop of the trails. This was a massive effort of clearing the trail. THANKS to everyone who attended.

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  Road Ride to the EMMR

The club road ride to the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing was August 25th. Our riders met up for Breakfast at the Mountain Gate in Thurmont, and then a great scenic route up to EMMR. Lunch with the Inliners club was great, and everyone got to visit the Museum and Track. Then a brisk bee-line back to Frederick. Weather conditions were perfect.

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  R&T Club Grounds August Ride Day

The August club grounds ride day was held August 18th. Trail conditions were good, with only a few branches down and some high weeds over in the 2nd half loop. Weather was great, humid, no rain and slightly cooler.

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  R&T Adopt-a-Road Summer Clean Up

The club had a great turn-out on August 11th for summer season Adopt-a-Road. 14 club members attended, and the work was done in about an hour. Many thanks to our members who participate in the program.

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  R&T Club Ride at Three Springs

We had a great turn-out from R&T and WATR for the club ride July 15th in Three Springs. The group did a pre-ride of 4 sections, and a trip up to the tower on Sidling Mountain. Weather conditions were perfect and everyone had a great time. 12 riders, 48 miles on the day and huge meal at the Pizza Star that evening.

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  R&T Club Ride at Shehan Farm

The club had a good turn out of 13 riders come out to Shehan Farm July 8th. Weather conditions were perfect with bright sun and cooler temps. The group rode some other sections of the Enduro course and finished up with the usual big meal at the Pizza Star.

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  June R&T Club Grounds Ride

A good group of riders came out for the June Club Grounds ride day on June 30th. Trail work is needed, but overall the trails were in good shape. Weather conditions were clear and HOT.

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  Barbara Fritchie Classic

The club had a great turn-out of members work the Barbara Fritchie Race July 4th. Over 20 club members participated. Weather conditions were hot. Our club members put in a 10 hour day, and the event was a huge success this year. Thanks to all who attended.

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  Boyer Farm Work Day

The club had a great work team come out to Boyer Farm on July 1st. Lots of mowing and trail work was done. Conditions were hot at 95 degrees. The paddock and parking areas were mowed and groomed out like a golf course, and a few miles of trail were cleared. THANKS to all who attended.

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  R&T 7th annual Father's Day Ride

We had a great turn-out of 22 club members come out to Three Springs for the club Father's Day Ride on June 17th. The main group got in 30 plus miles riding at Rocket and some sections of the Enduro course. Weather was sunny and hot.

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  R&T Trials Event 2018

The R&T MAT Trials was held at the R&T Trials Park on our rain date, May 27th. The turn-out was low this year on Memorial Day weekend, but we did have 25 club members come out and everyone had a great time and ate very well. Thanks to all who stepped up and to the Poling Family for hosting us.

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  May R&T Club Grounds Ride

We had a good turn-out for the club grounds ride day on May 26. The weather was perfect and the trails were outstanding. Paul and Laura cooked up some dogs and everyone had a great time. Many stayed late into the day.

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  R&T Spring Ride at Barton

We had a great turn-out Saturday, April 28th at Jim's Camp and Ride. The trails were awesome and the weather was perfect. 20 R&T club members attended. Mark Wilkinson led the first 3 loops of the day, and James showed us new trail, rolling at a brisk pace. Many thanks to Jim and his family for another outstanding club ride day in Barton.

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  R&T April Club Grounds Ride

The club had a big turn-out for the April 21st Club Grounds ride day. 22 club members attended. The weather was perfect and trails were in outstanding condition. Paul Congelton and Laura cooked us up some great dogs, lots of beans, chips and drinks. Many riders got in several loops. Trail conditions were the best ever.

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  R&T Spring Adopt-a-Road

The club had a great turn-out of members come out for the spring Adopt-a-Road on April 21st. Several bags of litter were collected. Paul Layer and his team did an outstanding job. Thanks all who participated.

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  Trials Park Work Day

The club had a good turn-out of workers come out to to the Trials Park Saturday, April 14th. Several sections were cleared, as well as the loop. A new section was also cut in. Perfect weather and a lot of work done.

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  March Club Grounds Ride Day

The club had a great turn-out for our first ride of the year at the club grounds. The trails were in outstanding condition and the weather was perfect. 26 club members attended, many staying until late in the day.

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  Shade Mountain 2018

The 10th annual club trip to the Shade Mountain Trail was held March 24th and 25th. Trail conditions were snowy on the first loop, melting off by the second loop Saturday. Several members stayed over at the Mountaindale Farm for the weekend. Many thanks to Joe Winovich for setting up another great ride weekend.

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  R&T Club Ride at Rocket

The club was out for an early spring ride at Rocket March 18th. Trail conditions were good and the weather was outstanding. 8 club members attended with 27 miles on the day. The group also had a huge meal at Pizza Star after the ride.

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  Club Grounds Work Day

We had a huge turn out of club members for the club grounds work day on March 10th. 28 club members attended and cleared the trails from the long winter. Our 4.5 mile loop and pavilion are were cleaned and groomed in 3 hours. Thanks to all who participated.

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  2018 Ride for Kids Booth at Timonium

We had a great turn-out of volunteers attend this year's Ride for Kids Booth at the Timonium Motorcycle Show at the State Fairgrounds. The club covered all shifts for all three days. A lot of flyers for the rally ride and the Charity Trail Ride were passed out all weekend. This was great motorcycle show, with many great vendors on site. Many Thanks to all our members who stepped up.

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  6th Annual R&T Blood Drive: Big Success!

We had a great turn-out for the 2018 Blood Drive in memory of Dan McDonald on February 3rd. We matched last year's record with 27 pints collected! Well done all! Many thanks to the event organizer Bob Parenti, and our host, Dutrow's Honda.

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  PVR York Swap Meet 2018

The club had a great turn-out of members attend the PVR York Swap Meet on January 28th. 15 club members attended. The event was outstanding and everyone had a great time.

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  2017 Cookies for the Troops

R&T club members went to the BWI USO and passed out 400 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies on December 10th. The USO staff on duty were great folks and we got to spend some time with some of our fine young men and women of our Armed Forces.

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  2017 R&T Christmas Party

We had a great turn-out of 64 guests attend the club Christmas Party at the Morningside Inn on December 9th. The dinner was great, and the gift exchange was a hoot as always. Several club members were recognized for their service to the club in 2017.

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  R&T December Club Ride at Rocket

The club had a good turn-out of 13 riders December 3rd at Rocket. The trails had a few trees down and some heavy leaves in some areas, but overall in great condition. Weather was absolutely outstanding, super clear and 57 degrees.

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R&T Club Mailing Address

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