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Our Mission
The Road and Trail Motorcycle Club of Frederick, Md. was established in 1970 and has been an HRCA member club since 1991. The R&T Club is an AMA chartered club, sanctioned by AMA District 6, a member club of the MDOHVA, and is sponsored by Dutrow's Honda of Frederick, Md. The purposes of the R & T Motorcycle Club are to promote safe and enjoyable use of motorcycles in a family oriented atmosphere; promote information exchange among its members to develop a better understanding of motorcycles and their safe use; hold and sponsor events; encourage responsible land use by maintaining active participation in land use advocacy and community service; and provide social and educational opportunities for its members. The Club will operate as a non-profit organization. The club mailing address is P O Box 3394 Frederick, MD. 21705.

Chris Borger, R&T Club President

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